Quality Child Education

We provide a quality education program unmatched by others. We pride ourselves in the care, education and positive stimulation our children receive. Our care is provided in a safe and very clean atmosphere. Our school was founded by Dr. Carrie Bryant, PhD. in 1972. Our school ranks as one of the highest private schools in California. Our teachers are the best trained, educated and use every training tool available to give your child the best education possible. Our grade levels start at 2 years (Toddler) through Pre-K (4years), Our upper grade levels start at Kindergarten through 5th grade. Since our opening, we have been recognized by the City of Long Beach, State of California and have received several accolades for our services to quality child education. We offer programs that stimulate the imagination, cognitive and intellect of a child’s brain. We also offer a Bi-Lingual program for our children. We provide complete meals: Breakfast, Lunch and Snacks. We accept cash, checks and government assisted programs. Our financial department will work closely with you to optimize the best financial plan that fits your financial situation. Our motto is: “Scholars Make A Better World”. You will not be “Disappointed” but “Elated” that you have joined our program. As an old proverb says “It takes a village to raise one”. We are that “Village”.

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